Mental health awareness

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The Bolder initiative to Mental Health, Become Mental Health Aware

We all have mental health and like our physical health it can be good, bad and anything in between. To an untrained eye and even then, mental illness is very difficult to recognise, in many cases there are no outward signs and we can’t put a plaster on it

It is in our nature to hide our illness’ in times past the weaker, sicker of us didn’t last long. That is what we, those of us who have had mental health problems, do – we hide. For the most part it works but every now and then we let our guard down, say something or just decide not to hide anymore. Knowing what to do in any of these circumstances has the potential to save lives.

Sporting those slight changes in a friends or colleagues personalty and talking to them about it may be all they need. But how do you do that? This course wont turn you into a psychiatrist or counselor bu tit will help you, to help your friend or colleague to find the help they need.

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