Emergency First Aid at Work with Bolder tRaining
Emergency First Aid at Work

In the event of an accident or illness it is important that first aid is given immediately to prevent worsening and promote recovery. Employers have a responsibility to ensure first aid provision is available in the workplace. This course is accredited through ITC First  meaning employees do not have to carry out a due diligence assessment.

The Emergency First Aid at Work course with Bolder Training Ltd is a hands on interactive course using a host of teaching techniques and delivered by our experienced tutors. It is aimed at lower risk environments or where a risk assessment shows no risk of a potential casualty needing follow on care. Put simply, if there is a risk of serious bleeds, sprains or fractures you may need the three day First Aid at Work course.

Still undecided, give us a call. We can help you  produce a first aid assessment and advise on needs.


Prerequisite requirements: None.

Qualification: Level: 3.

Number of learners: 4 – 24.

Location: Our venue in Sheffield or onsite training.

Progression: Those who wish to progress can enroll on a three day First Aid at Work course aimed at the workplace (adults) or  a two day Paediatric (children and infants). Another option is our outdoor first aid course which does mix the age groups.

Next course is on 1st March Book now through  

The role of the first aider Casualty assessment
Airway, Breathing and Circulation(only)
Managing an emergency Resuscitation (adult CPR)
Communication and casualty care Seizures (adult)
Bleeding (minor and severe) Shock
Burns Unresponsive casualty
Choking (adult) Defibrillator pad placement
Defibrillator prompts and how to       respond


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